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How Can I Avoid Bruising?

How Can I Avoid Bruising?

Trust me, your injector hates giving you a bruise probably more than you hate getting one. The injectors and surgeons I work with actually lose sleep over some bruises. And, let’s face it (no pun intended), we consider it style points when our patients leave completely unscathed looking nothing but rejuvenated. So what can you do on your end to help?

  1. Avoid Aspirin and NSAIDS for a week prior to your treatment. These medications stun your platelets, and if they aren’t around to repair blood vessels and capillaries, your risk of bruising is increased.  If you need a pain medication Tylenol is fine.
  2. Avoid Green Tea, Vitamin E and herbal supplements. Many supplements (too extensive to list here) are like non-prescription blood thinners, and thus raise the risk of bruising with the exception of the supplements listed next.
  3. Consider taking Arnica or Bromelian-a pineapple enzyme for several days before and after your treatment to reduce inflammation and bruising.
  4. Avoid wine and alcohol the night before. Ohhhhh, you drank anyway? That won’t preclude you from getting your injections, you just might bleed (and maybe bruise) a little more.
  5. Do not work-out for 24-48 hours after your treatment. Increasing your heart rate and blood pressure further stresses already potentially damaged vessels while they are trying to repair themselves.
  6. Icing before and after your injections causes vasoconstriction (and minimizes discomfort).
  7. MOST IMPORTANT – Use an experienced and gentle injector.

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