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Are Your Wrinkles Static or Dynamic?

There are two types of wrinkles that form on the skin.  The first type are static wrinkles.  These are wrinkles that are visible when your face is at rest.  Static wrinkles develop over time as the tissue loses elasticity.  The second type of wrinkles are dynamic.  Dynamic wrinkles are those that appear temporarily with facial expressions.  Common dynamic wrinkles are crow’s feet (lines around the eyes), “frown lines”, and forehead lines.

Neuromodulators, like Botox®Cosmetic and Dysport®, work on dynamic lines when injected directly into the muscle preventing the transmission of nerve impulses and preventing movement of the muscle.  Neuromodulators do not work on static wrinkles. Static wrinkles can, however, be treated with the appropriate filler for the area of concern.

Our newest filler, Juvederm® Volbella™ is perfect for those fine, static lines around the lips.  Understanding the difference between the two can help you and your provider formulate the best treatment plan to achieve the beautiful, natural looking results you are looking for.


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