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Simply RADIANT: Your HANDS with Radiesse!

Simply RADIANT: Your HANDS with Radiesse!

Did you know that two of your most age-revealing areas are “on display” constantly…and among the easiest to beautify? It’s absolutely true that hands, often overlooked in anti-aging efforts,  really give away one’s age. The skin of our hands is hard to protect from exposure to elements all around us that contribute to spots from sun damage, dehydration, and loss of volume and laxity. Often, hands display telltale signs that “age” us even ahead of our chronological years– more than any other body areas!

The good news is that treatment can be easily delivered to smooth out and restore volume to the hands and reduce telltale spots in one simple session….now at special pricing for October at TOC! Radiesse, a  longlasting volume-producing injectable is FDA approved for filling in and smoothing the hands, while Fotobody/IPL treatments reduce sun damage and fade unsightly brown and tan-colored spots and blotches on the skin. At TOC Medical Spa, we’ve put the two together, offering specially-reduced pricing on the perfect combination to give you more beautiful hands from inside out. So go on—-put your best hands forward this holiday season! Because let’s face it:  the sparkliest nails only go so far before those hands steal the show!  Come see us at TOC—-and we’ll have your hands looking their loveliest in no time!


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