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8 Step Skin Care Regimen

Starting a skin care regimen with cosmeceutical grade products can be overwhelming and a bit confusing-particularly if you jump right in and add multiple steps at one time. A good skin care regimen should be tailored to your specific skin needs and commitment level (and always, always, always include SPF). This varies from person to person and can range from a few simple topical applications (me) to a time intensive, device involved 63 step program (Erin and Theresa). Whatever your level of commitment, consider this a very simple, general guide to the order of events.

Here are the steps that I do:

1. Cleanse – I like to cleanse early in the evening and allow my skin to dry thoroughly before topical application (particularly with retin-a,  which has been scientifically proven to be less irritating when applied to skin that has been allowed to dry completely).

2. Treatments – Hydroquinone, Retin-a, Metrogel…anything you may have been prescribed

3. Spot Treatments – eye creams, blemish spot treatments…

4. Serums – I currently love, love, love H.A. Intensifier, Resveratrol (P.M. only) CE Ferulic, Phloretin, Age & Blemish defense….

5. Moisturizer

6. Sunscreen (A.M.) – There is some debate about sunscreen before or after moisturizer-if you use a chemical sunscreen apply before moisturizer. If you use a physical sunscreen it is okay to apply after moisturizer.

7. Makeup

8. Slay!


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