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What You Need to Know About Facelifts

Facelif Overview

Facelift Overview

Full Facelift: Includes everything from neck, midface, eyes and brow.

Mid-Facelift: Lifts cheeks to alleviate sagging and deep folds.

Mini-Facelift: Focuses on a specific area such as eyes, brow, neck or cheeks.

Lower Facelift: Tightens and lifts lower face such as jowls and sagging skin.

What to Expect During Recovery

Though it is different for every patient, we recommend taking at least two weeks off for facelift surgeries. This allows enough time for swelling and bruising to subside.

Days 1-7

In the first week, patients will feel tired from surgery and medications. In this time it is recommended for patients to move around the house to help with circulation.

The peak of bruising and swelling will be around days 3 and 4. This time it is especially important to continue medications prescribed by your doctor. Remember, bruising and swelling may be uneven. It is sometimes recommended to not look in a mirror at this time if you are feeling self-conscious.

Days 8-14

In the second week, most of the hard work is over. In this time patients have more energy with only minimal bruising and swelling. It is still apparent, however, which is why it is recommended to take the second week off. If you ever have any problems or questions before or during the recovery process, don’t hesitate to contact TOC Eye and Face.

After Recovery

Results are typically long lasting depending on how you take care of your skin. We recommend pairing a facelift with a Fat Transfer or Laser Treatment to clear skin for an even more youthful experience. The main goal of recovery is to be positive and stay beautiful!

Main Facelift Questions

Will it look unnatural?

Some people see celebrities with botched facelifts and are immediately turned off by how fake it looks. This look comes from the skin not being redraped in the right places or too much skin being taken off. When the results are done right, they can be phenomenal. Check out the TOC Eye and Face Gallery on our website to see results of our facelifts and other reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

Will there by scaring?

Nowadays, most facelifts are done through small incisions in the hairline to cover any scaring. With modern medical advances, only people close to you will be able to see that you had a facelift. Even then they may think you just lost weight or using a new anti-aging cream.

Are there treatments for the rest of my body?

With the amazing results of a facelift, a lot of patients want to treat other parts of their body for an overall more youthful appearance. TOC Medical Spa offers a variety of procedures such as IPL, Chemical peels and Medical grade products to help with sun spots and other signs of aging. We always recommend scheduling an appointment so one of our board-certified doctors can better understand what procedures will be best for you. To see all the procedures we offer go to the TOC Eye and Face website to learn more about procedures and see our before and after gallery.


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