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The Best Training in Oculoplastics is Right Here

The Best Training in Oculoplastics is Right Here

TOC Eye and Face offers a truly exceptional and inspiring environment for a fellowship. As a highly specialized area in medicine, there are very few fellowship opportunities available each year in oculofacial plastic surgery. TOC is unique in that there are 5 expert surgeons practicing state-of-the-art medicine and surgery. In fact, many of the surgeons here have developed and even invented key surgical techniques that are used all over the world. In addition, while some other centers may specialize in reconstructive or cosmetic surgery alone, TOC possesses experts in every area of oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery: including problems with eyelid malposition, cancer, tearing, and trauma; as well as cosmetic surgery including eyelid surgery and full facial cosmetic surgery. When I was trying to find a place to spend my fellowship I looked for a practice that offered experts in all of these fields. In an average day at TOC, it’s not uncommon to see one patient with an eyelid tumor followed by another desiring facial rejuvenation, and then another with droopy eyelids, and finish the day off with a patient who had an accident and now has broken bones in his face. Beyond great experience, I sought a place with friendly, kind, and ethical mentors; and I believe I found that at TOC. I feel truly fortunate to be here I am looking forward to a great two years!


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