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Facelift & Necklift

With age, simple forces of gravity can bring about changes that exaggerate the appearance of jowls, and cause skin on the neck to sag. Individual genetics can also cause or contribute to these undesirable conditions. There are a few non-surgical options that may achieve limited results, but they don’t have the potential to achieve the natural-looking and long lasting results that surgical lift can provide.

Facelift & Necklift - Cosmetic Surgery - TOC Eye and Face

Virtually all lifting techniques involve lifting and/or tightening the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) of the face. Mastery of this technique is necessary for achieving long-lasting and natural-appearing results. Incisions are carefully designed around and behind the ear, with careful attention to avoid hairline irregularities. Incisions are often hidden within the natural contours of the face. Our surgeons dedicate special attention in closing incisions to optimize healing and minimize potentially visible scarring.

A neck lift involves tightening and lifting muscles and soft tissue under the jaw, using a small incision under the chin and/or facelift incisions if it is performed at the same time as a facelift. Recovery pain is mild, and swelling subsides enough for the patient to return to typical social activity within two weeks. Most patients aim to take several days off from work and social events due to postoperative swelling. Full results are seen three to six months following the procedure.

A lower facelift involves tightening and removing excess skin from the neck, jawline, and area around the mouth. There are various options in this procedure – careful and personal discussion with your TOC surgeon will determine an approach uniquely suited to your anatomy and goals.

Face lift is often performed with other facial procedures including eyelid surgery or brow lift.

Surgeons at TOC are skilled and experienced in face and neck lift procedures and are regarded as leaders within the field. Our doctors are often called upon to lecture at national and international meetings on these surgical techniques, and frequently lead teaching courses for other physicians. The TOC surgical team is committed to extraordinary results for every patient and dedicated to the uncompromising care required to achieve them. As our patient you or your loved one will receive evaluation and treatment from one of these elite surgeons.

Most procedures may be performed in an ambulatory surgery center setting. Outpatient (ambulatory) surgery helps to reduce hospital costs, personal expense, and length of stay for patients needing surgery. For those times when surgery is best performed at a hospital, TOC physicians have surgical privileges at all Austin-area hospitals and many ambulatory surgery centers.

We understand that any patient may feel anxious or apprehensive about treatment. Our goal is to help you or your loved one feel at ease. We engage each patient with sensitivity and respect for his or her individual needs.

Risks of face and neck lift include asymmetry and problems with wound healing. Tobacco users and those with cardiovascular health problems are at increased risk for complications. Very rare risks include injury to the facial nerve and skin necrosis.

If you would like more information about facelifts and neck lifts, email us at info@tocaustin.com. You may also schedule a private consultation with a TOC physician.

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