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Facial Trauma

Facial Fractures

Facial trauma can result in lacerations, soft tissue damage and fracture of bone that provides structure to the eye and face. If the bone around the eye is damaged, often the eye is also affected and a comprehensive ocular examination is necessary.

Patients with facial trauma may experience pain, decreased vision, double vision, numbness, nausea, or facial deformity. Patients may notice an inability to look up or down with the affected eye. Children who have experienced orbital-facial trauma may appear without the expected signs and symptoms, but may have eye movement problems due to a fracture only evident by CT scan, which urgently requires surgical repair. Surgery for most facial trauma occurs within the first 2 weeks of injury. However, some repairs can be performed months or even years later.

The TOC surgical team is committed to extraordinary results for every patient and dedicated to the uncompromising care required to achieve them. One of our elite oculoplastic surgeons will perform a comprehensive ophthalmic examination to assess trauma to the eye and facial soft tissue as well as any facial fractures. Our surgical team has extensive experience in reconstructive facial surgery and has patented medical devices used in the reconstruction of the eye.

Most procedures may be performed in an ambulatory surgery center setting. Outpatient (ambulatory) surgery helps to reduce hospital costs, personal expense, and length of stay for patients needing surgery. For those times when surgery is best performed at a hospital, TOC physicians have surgical privileges at all Austin-area hospitals and many ambulatory surgery centers.

We understand that any patient may feel anxious or apprehensive about treatment. Our goal is to help you or your loved one feel at ease. We engage each patient with sensitivity and respect for his or her individual needs.

If you would like more information about facial trauma and eye reconstruction, please don’t hesitate to request complimentary information from TOC by email at info@tocaustin.com. You may also schedule a private consultation with a TOC physician.

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