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Eyebrow Ptosis

Patients often come to TOC seeking surgery for baggy or drooping eyelids only to discover that a brow lift is more appropriate. It can be easy to overlook this underlying condition, as problems with the eyebrow may be most noticeable in their effect on the eyelid. With age, ligaments suspending our brow can relax and stretch, causing it to sag. TOC surgeons are expert at identifying the correct cause and treatment in these cases.

Eyebrow Ptosis 1 - Reconstructive Surgery - TOC Eye and Face
Eyebrow Ptosis 2 - Reconstructive Surgery - TOC Eye and Face
Eyebrow Ptosis 3 - Reconstructive Surgery - TOC Eye and Face

Traditionally, eyebrow and forehead lifting is performed by cutting across the skin above the brow, resulting in a long scar within the brow hairline, along a forehead furrow, or behind the hairline to camouflage the scar. Another effective method requires an incision site and scar across the scalp from ear to ear. Such incisions can still be useful in some situations, but we are able to offer many patients an endo-brow lift which is a far less invasive eyebrow and forehead lift. In this advanced surgical technique, TOC surgeons use a small camera and specialized instruments to make tiny incisions behind the hairline to carefully lift the brow. For most patients recovery time is brief and bruising is minimal.

Other procedures may be performed with an endo-brow lift, including laser resurfacing for facial wrinkles and skin tightening, eyelid lift, facelift, facial fat transfer, and rhinoplasty. This advanced skin resurfacing technology offers numerous advantages over conventional techniques, including:

  • Extremely precise control and advanced capabilities
  • Lower risk of unpleasant recovery issues
  • Typical recovery time after only 4-7 days
  • Convenient facilities in our outpatient surgery center
  • Integration of multiple procedures as part of a personalized facial surgery plan

Your doctor will tailor his or her approach to give you the most extraordinary results for you. A brow lift or forehead lift may be considered medically necessary if there are signs and symptoms of visual obstruction. Your insurance company may then determine the procedure is covered as a medical necessity.

The TOC surgical team is committed to extraordinary results for every patient and dedicated to the uncompromising care required achieve them. As our patient you or your loved one will receive evaluation and treatment by one of our elite oculoplastic surgeons, each with advanced credentials in the repair and improvement of eyelid, eyebrow, and facial features.

Most procedures may be performed in an ambulatory surgery center setting. Outpatient (ambulatory) surgery helps to reduce hospital costs, personal expense, and length of stay for patients needing surgery. For those times when surgery is best performed at a hospital, TOC physicians have surgical privileges at all Austin-area hospitals and many ambulatory surgery centers.

We understand that any patient may feel anxious or apprehensive about treatment. Our goal is to help you or your loved one feel at ease. We engage each patient with sensitivity and respect for his or her individual needs.

The main risks of eyelid/brow surgery are rare and include bleeding causing vision loss (extremely rare), infection, asymmetry, scarring, over or under-correction, need for more surgery, and dry eye.

If you would like more information on the endo-brow lift, e-mail us at info@tocaustin.com. You may also schedule a private consultation with a TOC physician.

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