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Fat Transfer

With age we all experience some degree of loss in soft tissue of the face. Youthful contours fade with time. Facial features sag and droop as they succumb to gravity’s pull. One of the most aesthetically pleasing and natural-appearing ways to achieve a youthful and invigorated appearance is by restoring volume to facial features. Some improvement may be accomplished with non-surgical techniques such as injecting fillers, but more natural, permanent and fuller appearance and extraordinarily youthful results can be accomplished through a facial fat transfer.

Fat Transfer - Cosmetic Surgery - TOC Eye and Face

Autologous facial fat transfer can rejuvenate the shape of the face without incisions. The surgeon uses micro-liposuction cannulae (thin tubes) to gather small amounts of live fat cells found in the abdomen. These cells are then carefully processed and transferred into the facial soft tissues. You and your doctor will discuss and agree on locations for facial fat transfer. Often your own photos from years past can be used to provide your surgeon with a guide in replenishing facial volume.

TOC’s surgical team is skilled and experienced in autologous facial fat transfer, and stands as a leader within the specialty. TOC surgeons are often called upon to lecture at national and international meetings on facial fat transfer techniques, and teach courses to other physicians.

Facial fat transfer can be performed in conjunction with other facial surgery, such as eyelid lift, facelift or neck lift, laser resurfacing, chemical peel and endo-brow lift. Postoperative pain from the procedure is mild, and swelling subsides enough for the patient to return to work or typical social events within two weeks. Most patients aim to take several days off from work and social events due to postoperative swelling. Full results are seen three to six months following the procedure.

As our patient you or your loved one will receive evaluation and treatment by one of our elite oculoplastic surgeons, each with advanced specialized credentials, to give you the uncompromising care and extraordinary results we are known for.

Most procedures may be performed in an ambulatory surgery center setting. Outpatient (ambulatory) surgery helps to reduce hospital costs, personal expense, and length of stay for patients needing surgery. For those times when surgery is best performed at a hospital, TOC physicians have surgical privileges at all Austin-area hospitals and many ambulatory surgery centers.

We understand that any patient may feel anxious or apprehensive about treatment. Our goal is to help you or your loved one feel at ease. We engage each patient with sensitivity and respect for his or her individual needs.

Risks associated with facial fat transfer include asymmetry and limited survival of the fat grafting. Factors that can reduce the success of the fat transfer include smoking and cardiovascular disease. Rarer side effects include nodules or irregular healing. Occasionally patients will need a second facial fat transfer to achieve the optimal result.

If you would like more information about autolagous facial fat transfer, email us at info@tocaustin.com. You may also schedule a private consultation with a TOC physician.

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