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Unprecedented genuine desire to help! Amazing Group!

I have never experienced such genuine concern, care & willingness to help me from Dr. Durairaj, Dr.Nakra & Dr. Blaydon. Highly skilled, experienced,compasionate & the "Best of the Best" at what they do! SO GRATEFUL!!

Dr. Januj Nakra

Was so pleased with Dr. Nakra, knowledgeable, kind, compassionate. Could not be happier. Thank you, Dr. Nakra.

Dr Nakra and staff 5 stars

From the beginning to the end, I knew TOC was the right choice. So professional, so friendly, so knowledgeable, especially Dr Nakra. Came for my eyes, but left with more satisfied then I expected. Thank you Dr Nakra and your wonderful staff

Dr. Nakra is the best

My wife and I are very happy with our eye surgery done at the TOC clinic in Austin. Dr.Nakra is a caring physician with excellent surgical skills. We would highly recommend Dr.Nakra to anyone seeking cosmetic eye solutions he's the best!

could not be more pleased!

Dr Durairaj's skill and expertise provided a stellar outcome for me! Who knew? The whole episode went smoothly. Great care from all involved! Should have done sooner! A life changer! Thankful!

TOC Doctors

Very pleased. It pays to go to the best professionals!