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An Ultherapy® Overview

Thinking about Ultherapy?  Here’s a quick and easy overview:

Brow: Lifts brow to make eyes look more awake.

Full Face: Overall lifts and firms skin for amore rejuvenated look.

Chest: Reduces wrinkles on the chest area.

Chin/Neck: Lifts and firms chin and neck to remove sagging and wrinkles.

Main Ultherapy Questions:

Am I a good candidate for Ultherapy?
If your skin is beginning to look and feel less firm then you may be an excellent candidate. The best way to find out is by scheduling an appointment with one of our registered nurses so they can assess your skin and speak with you one-on-one about your goals.

Will the treatment be painful?
The level of discomfort will vary from person to person depending on several factors like depth of treatment area(s), area treated, age, condition of tissues, and individual sensitivity. Our nurses are prepared to individualize the most appropriate and helpful measures to minimize discomfort. Your nurse will talk with you ahead of time about what is typically most helpful for treatments like yours so that you can choose options that seem best for you.

What is the recovery process?
Most patients have no visible redness within a half-hour following treatment, but if makeup is desired it can be applied immediately or any time after the session. It’s not uncommon to notice that the treated area feels slightly tender to pressure for several days; in most cases there’s no visible bruising or swelling, although these can occur.

How long will results last?
Ultherapy achieves a measure of repair to aging tissues, but it doesn’t keep the aging process from resuming once the treatment-driven stimulation in the tissues has diminished. The FDA’s Ultherapy studies show typical results lasting at least a year; the degree of and longevity of improvement is affected by variables like age, skin condition, sun damage, and lifestyle.  Many people enjoy the results Ultherapy brings and choose to have additional treatment(s) over time.

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